Stevlin Design Enterprise

To us here at Stevlin Design Enterprise, the philosophy of business is quite simple:

In 1987, the current principals of Stevlin Design Enterprise, met together to determine if it would be a feasible business venture to enter the robotic construction, program/database design, web development and personal computer market. Many agonizing months of discussions evolved which formulated the foundation of our beginning.

One of the most important issues placed before us was to decide just where we would position ourselves on the issues of quality and pricing. Should we model our business after some of the various "quick buck" companies who establish less than satisfactory reputations with their customers or should we model ourselves after some of the so called reputable giants? You see lower quality and less responsibility to customer service equates to lower pricing. And the reputable giants mass produce and loose customer individualism. We concluded that the business philosophies of our competitors, both big and small, would enormously equate itself to failure of our new business and to our personal values. We asked ourselves how we could be different, more "Creative" than our competitors. We concluded: One web page at a time, one computer at a time, one system upgrade at a time and build Solid Business relationships.
And so....our beginning.

In today's web development and computer hardware market atmosphere, competition is fierce between developers, retailers and manufacturers for your business. We honestly believe that our company has the unique ability, creativity and desire to surpass what other developers, retailers and manufacturers are offering to you as a customer. By providing quality products and service at fair and reasonable prices, suggesting considerations for future expansion capabilities, and making ourselves available to you on a personal level to develop and maintain a solid business relationship, we feel confident we will earn your trust and thereby your business.

Our business philosophy has been successful for us over the years and has provided us with the extraordinary opportunity to provide our customers with exceptional custom web pages, computer systems, components and service. We are proud of our values and what we have provided to our customers and will not put our philosophies or the customer's opinion of our company at risk; not even for higher profit margins. And even though we stand so firmly in our concepts of principles, we are always looking for innovative and fresh ideas to improve our business and our business relationships.