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"Huge diamond fetches over 12 million" by blogman on October 13, 2006, 6:43 pm, in category General
Oct. 10 - The largest diamond found for more than a decade has been sold in Antwerp for 12,360,000 USD.

The 603-carat 'Lesotho Promise', named after the country where it was found, went under the hammer at the Antwerp Diamond Centre and was sold to the South African Diamond Corporation, owner of luxury jewellers Graff.

It is thought it will be cut into a large heart-shaped diamond and several smaller stones before being sold.

Stuart McDill reports.

SOUNDBITE: Clifford Elphick, CEO Gem Diamond Mining saying (English):
"As reported to me, she started screaming and the rest of the staff thought she had been electrocuted and they ran into there to see if she was okay to be confronted with the Lesotho Promise."

SOUNDBITE: Johnny Kneller, South African Diamond Corporation saying (English):
"We have to scan the stone for about 3 months, that will take a long long time to see what is exactly inside and then we try to get the best possible certificate and the best possible diamonds, so you can't say exactly the retail price but we hope it is going to be over 20 million."